Well it has been a long time

It has been over three years since I have made any new posts, I have decided that I am going to try and start sharing again.  I have been sharing a lot on facebook, but think it is time to get blogging again.  I need to find a spark to get me going again. I have some students that are going to be starting their blog, so I have decided I will do it with them.  Thanks for the push Megan and Amber.  I am not sure is anyone was/is still following my posts, but I hope to be sharing more often with  more of my work.   As the weather is getting warming the session will be piling in.  I am in the process of building a studio in my basement, my family is will be happy to get me out of the living room, so I will share updates as I get work completed.  I have been doing lots of staining lately.

A few spring shots

There are a few shots from a some things I have done this spring.

Looking forward to a busy summer.

New Chair

I hope to have some fun with this chair.

I am thinking about a sunny, hay filled field in the summer!! Great thoughts for a below zero day! If this might be something you would like to see your kids in, make sure you let me know.

Here are some great letters my mother made for me to put up in the kids room. I love them. I will have to get a picture of my sons soon. They are a great tool to help to recognize letter and spell your name.